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Mosa GE 12054 HZDT – voltage fluctuations

With the GE 12054 HZDT generator with Hatz 1D90 engine, it is possible that the tie rod from the rotor to the crankshaft may become loose.
This is noticeable by the fact that the voltage display fluctuates very strongly or shows nothing at all. In this case, we will send you instructions to solve this problem in just a few steps.

Instructions for reattaching the tie rod from the rotor

1. loosen the 4 screws of the rear black cover, remove the cover.

Remove the black rubber cover on the generator hood.

Unscrew the loose tie rod completely (right-hand thread), preferably with an electric hammer, since the rotor rotates constantly when unscrewing with a ratchet.

Clean the thread of the tie rod on the motor side, preferably with a wire brush.

Wet the thread of the tie rod on the motor side completely with high-strength threadlocker.

Screw the tie rod back through the generator into the engine shaft and tighten to 25 Nm. After that min. Allow to cure for 24 h before the first test run.

7. test run 1 h – 1.5 h under load (4-6 kW), drawbar must not loosen now. Refasten rubber cover and refit cover hood and fasten with the respective screws.